EP CarKleen+

Scientifically Designed for Your Car

Normally car cleaning products do one thing, clean the outside of your car. We give you the ultimate in car cleaning.

EP CarKleen+ isn’t a normal car cleaner as it cleans the outside, the inside, your engine, brake pads, removes carbon staining and even your carpets and upholstery.

A true all-in-one cleaning product for the motor industry and car lovers everywhere.

Powerful cleaning action with a super-easy application, EP CarKleen+ is highly concentrated and all you need to do is add water, spray or brush to your car and let the cleaning magic begin, you will have to do some minor scrubbing because dirt doesn’t simply fall off. If you have a waterjet then you will have less scrubbing to do!

Did we mention motorbikes and even bicycles? And there is also trucks & lorries, in fact anything for transport EP CarKleen+ will clean, degrease, refresh, improve and shine everything.

This scientifically designed product contains no alcohol, VOC’s and no nasty chemicals that harm our environment.

With all ingredients certified 100% biodegradable by the USDA you will have fantastic cleaning power combined with an industrial strength formulation that safe for all the family.

EP CarKleen+ is the Ultimate in Car Cleaning you will Ever Need.


A 100% eco-friendly formulation that is tested and proven to be safe for daily use and works fantastic on you car, inside to outside cleaning!

Your Partner for Spotless Cars, Bike, Bicycles, Trucks & Lorries.

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