EP Concrete Cleaner

Scientifically Designed to Restore Concrete Like New!

Concrete absorbs oil, grease, fats, grime & dirt. Being a porous material, it never stops.

At the end you have a concrete surface that is covered in marks & stains that can look older than what it really is.

Ready-To-Use EP Concrete Cleaner is the solution for complete restoration of concrete surfaces and one of our best-selling products.

With an easy application simply pore onto a dry concrete surface, scrub with a broom and leave for 5 minutes.

Stand back and watch the magic happen! Wash all that oil, grease & grime away with water leaving a concrete surface that looks fresh & new!

This scientifically designed product contains no alcohol, VOC’s and no nasty chemicals that harm our environment.

With all ingredients certified 100% biodegradable by the USDA you will have fantastic cleaning power combined with an industrial strength formulation that safe.

EP Concrete Cleaner has been used across millions of square metres with awesome results. Lets work together and get your concrete looking great!

Want to know how to stop your concrete from absorbing stains? We can help you with that too.

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A good clean before you start is important, we need the product to do the work and suck up all those stains. So sweep the area and if there’s any large spots of oil or grease remove the surface layer with EcoKleen+ Degreaser.


Spray or brush on EP Concrete Cleaner, spreading the product over all surfaces. Stubborn areas may require agitation with a hard bristle brush. Leave for 10 minutes but don’t let it dry on, so you need to keep an eye on things.


Spray lots of water* washing away all the oil, grease & stains. Its that easy!

TIP: When cleaning vertical surfaces, always start at the bottom working your way to the top. The same applies for washing with water. Start at the bottom. Also don’t forget to wear goggles and gloves, its always a good thing.

Perfect for Spotless Concrete.


Warehouse floors

Service stations


Roof slabs

Post construction cleaning


Columns & beams