Environmental Friendly

Welcome to EP™ Environmental Products

EP™ Environmental Products - manufacturers of eco-friendly, non toxic, non flammable & biodegradable cleaners,
coatings, degreasers & waterproofing systems.

For over 10 years EP™ has been manufacturing a complete range of eco-friendly non toxic, non flammable & biodegradable cleaners, coatings, degreasers and waterproofing systems.

Manufactured to the highest international standards and recognised by the world's leading authorities of environmentally safe accreditation; EP™ products are listed as "Superior" in Green Technology.

EP™ Eco-Friendly technology covers many applications and industries whilst delivering a quality range of products to the environmentally conscious small business owner, multi-nationals & government departments alike.

Tested & Proven

EP™ products been tested by numerous International Standards organisations ensuring our products are always at a consistent level of quality each and every time, no matter where the project location.

Environmental Friendly

The EP™ range of products contain no alcohols or solvents, no CFC's, no VOC's, no synthetic scents or colouring and no harmful toxins. EP™ products are 100% eco-friendly - tested and proven by International Eco-Friendly Accreditation to ISO standards.

Cost Effective

Using EP™ Eco-friendly technology doesn't make it expensive for your project or your pocket - Environmental Products offer a green & clean alternative to harsh chemicals typically associated with heavy industries.

Construction Material Purchasing

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Product Applications

EP™ products are suited for each and every industry and have been used on many International projects:

  • Commercial Waterproofing
  • Heavy industry
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Military installations
  • Renovation & Historical Projects
  • Restoration/Maintenance
  • Protection of new installations
  • Workshops & Factories
  • Railways & Transport
  • Marine Industry
  • Theme parks & Entertainment Centres
  • Government Departments
  • Commercial Buildings & Operations

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