EP™️ Wood Sealer is the most effective wood sealer on the market for waterproofing, fire smoke treatment, deterring bugs and rot in all types of wood.

A unique formulation manufactured for effective treatment and preservation of all wood surfaces.

A Sealer is designed to repel moisture. Unwanted moisture can lead to fungal growth and wood rot, using EP™️ Wood Seal completely seals the wood from all rain and moisture.

E P™️ Wood Sealer requires no mixing, easy to use with simple water clean-up of all tools.

• Advanced 100% acrylic formula
• Easy clean-up with soap and water
• Mildew resistant finish
• Resists UV damage for a long-lasting waterproof timber & woods

EP™️ Wood Sealer is non-flammable, non-toxic, non-hazardous and non- caustic.

For industrial, commercial and residential use on all indoor and outdoor timber.

Theoretical Coverage: One (1) litre covers between 9 – 12 square metres.

Application Method: Spray, brush or roll-on.

Packaging Size: 5 ltr – 20ltr – 220 ltr – 1000ltr IBC